Investment Management

Planning work starts by identifying your financial goals whether they be retirement, education for your kids/grandkids, a new home or whatever else is important to you. We then take inventory of your current income and assets to ensure that your goals are both realistic and achievable. Once we've created a workable plan, we test it against a range of investment strategies to determine your optimal allocation, which is financial industry jargon for the investment strategy that best balances the amount of growth needed to achieve your goals with your tolerance for risk.

We all make mistakes. What we want to help you avoid is making that big money mistake that can undo your financial plan and jeopardize your goals. Whether it's investing your whole retirement account in that hot tech stock, purchasing more home than you can afford or wanting to put all of your assets under the mattress during a stock market decline, we've seen it all. We act as counsel for our clients for all of their financial decisions no matter how minor they may seem. After a while, our clients start to become financial wizards themselves.

Once we have selected your ideal investment strategy, we design a diversified portfolio of global stocks and/or bonds using no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded-funds, commonly known as ETFs. Because portfolio management is a full-time job, we oversee and manage the portfolio for you to make sure that it stays in-line with ever-changing market and economic conditions. Of course we keep you in the loop with regular reports and updates. We also like to meet with our clients at least once per year to review their investment strategy and financial plan.

Financial Coaching

Retirement & Education Planning